Taking Care Of Your Computer

Today, computers have been widely used by both private and government offices. This is utilized to make the job easy for document preparation, presentation, calculation, and other multiple uses. In fact, this is used in each of our houses.That is how important the equipments are and the computer to be specific. These days, this is the leading means of using the internet with its programs possible for communication. Because of this, we have to keep it in good shape since most of us are now depending on it especially in corporate offices and even in schools.

Consider that computer maintenance is classified into two parts. The two parts are the hardware and the software. Hardware consists on the physical features we see. Hardware includes keyboard, the monitor, and the tower where we can find the central processing unit.Each of these has specific chemicals that can be used that are not harmful. There are also methods on how to clean each. For the soft surface, a clean cloth will do in wiping. A soft bristle brush is best in surfaces that are hard to reach, rough and sensitive. Disk, CD-ROMs, and chips should be handled on the edges.

Software is the vital part since it is the one running your system as well as other programs needed in your works. Make sure that you always maintain the cleanliness of your system from obsolete data by getting a good registry cleaner. Protect it from a virus on the net by providing a workable virus protection program. You should also have a monthly clean up by running your defragmenter program. This way it will enhance the performance of your computer and for you to avoid any errors. If you think something is wrong with the computer software, and you don’t know how to fix it then refer to a technician.

Now, viruses are not the only threats to our hard drives. Overheating could also cause our hard drives to malfunction and damage our files. Although in the past, over heating of the hard drive may not be very noticeable as our computers are still using lower speed, the new models of computers are processing data at very high speed that overheating of the drives in now becoming a threat.

Although our present day computers are equipped with built in fans and cooling system, the speed at which our present day computer process data could raise the temperature in the hard drive to about 70 degrees F. Such temperatures could cause computer crashes as some of the parts of the computer would melt under the heat. The bad news about this situation is that is would be very difficult, in fact it is nearly impossible to recover data in hard drives that crash down due to extreme heat.

To prevent your computer from over heating, you should make sure that the cooling system thereof is functioning properly. Make sure after you use your computer for sometime, you will allow the hard drives to cool off. It would also be a good idea to provide additional ventilation to your computer if you are going to use it for a prolonged period of time in a single setting. You may also get one of those monitoring software tools to alert you in case your computer have reached a critical level of heat.

You should also consider the existing rules in general. First of all, keep away food and drinks when using the computer. Remember that there are parts that are sensitive and foreign matters will affect its performance. Keep your computer up to date based on the recommendation and compatibility with the necessary programs that are needed. Do not download unnecessary programs in order to provide more space in the memory. Refer online for additional information in regards with your computer and maintenance. You can find stores that cater to your needs. Show some respect for your equipment because it helps you big time.

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