Taking Care Of Your Ears

The ears may seem to be small and insignificant but their function is all too important especially when it comes to communication. A hearing that is impaired may cause you to miss a lot in this life. So even though ear problems are not as serious as cancer or heart disease, you should still take care of your ears as you would the other organs of your body.

Never use inappropriate objects when removing your ear wax. There are ear buds designed to clean your ears so never substitute them with dangerous tools such as tiny sticks. A wrong move might cause you to injure your inner ear so learn how to clean your ears properly and safely.

Loud noise can affect your hearing so turn the volume of your player to mid or low level when listening to the radio. If you’re going to the bars to enjoy a party make sure you protect your ears from the loud music by wearing tiny ear plugs. Ear plugs can also shield your ears from pressure when you’re going diving or swimming.

If you’re involved in physical sports like rugby or hockey, always use extra protection for your ears aside from your helmet. Ear pads will protect your ears from damaging blows and impacts due to collision. Always play by the rules of the game and wear protective gears to avoid injuries.

Sometimes what you think as deafness is actually the result of mucus being accumulated in from the inside of your ears. This is usually caused by sinus infections due to sinusitis or allergic rhinitis where your mucus membrane overreacts and produces excess mucus. If you have any sinus conditions, have it treated to clear your ears from clogs.

Have an appointment with your ear specialist once every two to three months to receive updates on the condition not only of your ears but also of your eyes, nose and throat as well. At the first sign of a hearing problem, have your ears looked at immediately since the symptoms for hearing loss are quite subtle.

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