Rabbits As Pets

Rabbit make great family pets, especially for families not able to make the commitment of the more typical cat or dog. They are apartment friendly, economical, and can provide many happy hours in play or just snuggling while watching TV. Here are some rabbit care tips to think about if you are considering a rabbit as a pet.

When your rabbit is in her cage you will find that she always urinates in the same place, usually a corner of the cage. Place a small triangular litter box in this corner to make cage clean ups a breeze. Use a non-clumping, non-scented litter. Litter made out of recycled newspaper is the best since rabbits will eat the litter.

Hay is one of the single most important supplies your will need for your rabbit. They will use it as a food sources as well as for bedding. Make sure that there is plenty of hay in your rabbits cage at all times. Hay can be bought, by the bag, at your local pet store but a much more economical choice would be to contact a local farmer and purchase a single square hay bale. This may cost between 5 and 10 dollars but will last for years. Choose hay that has is a grass and alfalfa mixture. Rabbits love the flavor of alfalfa but it will make the gain weight if the hay has too much alfalfa in it.

Your rabbit should be allowed out to explore and be held. It is important to handle your rabbit regularly, especially at first so they get used to you and used to being held. When they are allowed to roam free they should be carefully supervised to make sure they dont chew on anything. A rabbit can chew through an electrical cord with a single bite.

Your rabbits cage should allow the room to move around and space for eating, sleeping, and litterbox areas. The bottom of the cage should be plastic; wire cage bottoms damage the animals paws. A removable top and rounded corners will make clean up easier for you.

Rabbits teeth grow continuously so they need a steady supply of chew toys. They will also need a salt lick for minerals that may be missing from their diet. A covered area in their cage where they can feel safe and enclosed will be an important purchase as will a water bottle to attach to the side of the cage; a bowl of water will be continuously knocked over and filled with hay. A tube of hairball medicine and a nail clipper will round out the list of supplies that you will need.

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