Australian Mist Cat – New ‘Australian Made’ Breed

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by alasam

The Australian Mist Cat is a relatively new cat breed. It was first created by Truda Straeda. The Australian mist is a combination of three cat breeds. The Abyssinian, the Burmese and The Domestic Short Hair. This breed is known for it’s even temperament, sense of humor and loving nature. As it is said to have inherited the Burmese ‘laid back’ nature. The Abyssian’s striking fur and the hardiness of the Domestic Short Hair.

The Australia Mist Cat is a short haired breed, that comes in Spotted and Marbled varieties with a range of colors meeting the breeds standards. You can find an Australian Mist in Lilac, Brown, Chocolate, Peach and Gold. With a cat having spots or a marbled pattern within this color range. I in fact have two chocolate spotted which resemble miniature leopards.

As pets they are perfect with children and the elderly. They are happy to be handled and do not scratch or bite. As kittens they are playful and are said to become a bit more mature as they get older, though I can vouch with my three year old she is still extremely playful (plays fetch), with age bringing more a sensibility that is not often found in kittens in any breed. This is a cat breed that is expect to live to their mid to late teens with very little health issues (thanks to the Domestic Short Hair in them).

Green eyes are a distinguishing feature and they can come in any shade of green. There build is quite stocky as they are a medium sized cat with a muscular chest, and they can be voracious eaters, so need to be monitored. They are often heavier than they seem, with a rounded head and big expressive eyes – in that stunning green mentioned previously. Ears tend to range from medium to large and their paws are elegantly oval. Tails are thick, tapering towards the end and often have rings of it’s feature color around it.

Now to comment on my cats, to give you a feel for how different they can be within the breed (both have their papers) both as I said previously are chocolate spotted, and from a distance it’s easy to confuse them. But one has a more golden undertone, whereas the other has a more cafe au lait undertone. Both with chocolate spots. And one is long, well built yet very very muscular. And the other is soft and squishy to touch and whilst looks smaller than the other is about 1.5kg heavier. Both eat the same amount and exercise the same. One talks a lot, especially when he wants something, the other is quietly watchful. Both are very affectionate. One in an in-your-face way. The other in between periods of reserve.

A distinguishing feature too of the Australian Mist cat is that their base coat is not white, it is a very light light cream. So any cat that is said to be Australian Mist and has a base color is not a true Australian Mist cat.

Another lovely trait of this beautiful breed is that you can train them like a dog from a young age (any age in fact). They will sit, come and also play fetch. I am bought a ball as I sit at my office desk, throw it down the stairs and my cat runs after it, brings it back and drops it at my feet…yes I am talking about a cat!

This breed is also good with other cats and also people. Nothing really phases them. I have not known two cats that so lack that split personality of friend one minute, foe the next. They’re chilled and very playful. Another distinguishing characteristic is their desire just to be near you, the owner. My two are allowed outside, however they choose to stay close to me. So no ‘secret cats business’ for this breed.

All in all with the Australian Mist Catbreed, you get a hearty, healthy very easy going cat, with striking markings that is very easy to care for. And they have personality plus. I definitely have become a big fan!

Carolyne McCourtie is an Internet Marketer, Business Coach and Consultant. Who’s passions including helping people, fine wines, good food, the outdoors & exercise and her Australian Mist cats.

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