How to Choose the Best Crate For Your Kitten

One of the most useful things you can have if you have a new kitten, or kittens, is a special pen, dog crate, or indoor kennel. These are available from pet shops, or you may even be able to borrow one – they collapse down when you are not using them. They are always useful to have at a later date if you are introducing new animals to the household or if your cat needs to be confined because it is ill or injured. These are also recommended when people take on a new puppy, as they are excellent for safety, to help with toilet training, and to give the pup a place it recognizes as its den.

In the first few weeks after you bring your kitten home, a crate is a great asset. If you have other animals it makes introductions simpler and safer. It will also enable you to confine the kitten when you are not watching it and know that it is safe. Kittens get into all sorts of mischief and into all types of small spaces; they will sample electric wires or escape from open windows if they get bored or just because they are very inquisitive. Putting them in the pen at night and when you are out of the house means you can relax about their safety. For the kitten, it is a den that it is familiar with and feels secure inside.

The crate should be large enough to allow your kitten to move around inside and to be able to accommodate a bed, a litter box, and a bowl of water or food. You can line the bottom with newspaper to catch any spills from the litter box or if the water bowl gets turned over. You can also put a blanket or cover over it if you want the kitten to feel more secure or just to quiet it down. Kittens take to them very well and are quite happy when inside. You can let the kitten out to venture into certain rooms or the whole house, but it will know where to come back to find its bed and litter box, and you will often find the kitten has gone back inside for a nap.

Deciding where to place the pen may simply depend on where you have space. A large kitchen can be ideal. It gives you quick access to water, food, and cleaning equipment and is usually nice and warm. It is the center of the home. People come and go, and there is usually lots of activity for the kitten to watch; it gives it the chance to get used to the comings and goings within the house and to those who live and visit there. It allows for safe meetings with other pets and lets them get used to one another. The dining or living room is also a good site. You may want to have the kitten in a quiet place initially, but it should be able to experience the family and your lifestyle after a week or so, depending on whether you have other animals you want to introduce.

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Taking Care of Your Electronics

With places that provide iPhone parts and Macbook parts, you do not need to worry because if something does go wrong, you do not have to replace the whole thing. If you are a businessman or woman, chances are you will be carrying around that laptop with you from work to home and if that is the case, you will probably want to buy or have a case that is well padded. That way if it bumps into anything, it will be protected no matter what.

A few reasons why laptops or really any electronics get damaged is because people take them too many places without the protection they need. When you travel, keep it in the proper case and constantly make sure you know where it is. If someone sees a laptop sitting alone, depending on who they are, they might take the opportunity to take it. If you are in a bigger city, it is even more likely. If your laptop does get stolen and you have important documents or passwords that people should not get a hold of, it could be an issue. To prevent this from happening, always back up your files and keep them in a safe place at home as well as on your computer. As for you passwords, keep them in a secure document with a password that only you know.

A few other things that could go wrong are things like food spills and children. When kids get a hold of a laptop when they are too young to handle it, they can be dropped or things could get spilled on it. If you have an office or a room where you can keep it up at a high level that is the best way to make sure it is safe. Otherwise, when you are not paying attention, who knows what could go wrong. Also, if you can avoid eating anywhere near your computer, that could prevent a lot of problems. Food and drinks can be sticky and ruining a keyboard on a laptop can badly damage the entire computer.

Viruses and things that can mess up your computer internally are not easily fixed by a new part. To avoid this, only go on websites that you can trust and do not click on things that do not look legitimate. You can buy software for the computer that protects against anything that will harm it.

Laptops also tend to get too hot if they are placed on a rug or blanket or something that does not let the laptop breathe so it is a good idea to prop up the laptop where the vents are. You can buy tables that let the air circulate or you could make your own makeshift one by propping it up with a doorstopper or something like it. Remember to always keep your laptop protected on the inside and out and you will be able to keep it in shape for a good amount of time.

Connor Sullivan has found the explosion of iPhone parts online a positive development. He recently ordered Macbook parts online for his son’s computer.

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How to Find the Best Domestic Cat Breed For Your Personality

If you are considering a cat as the family pet you may be wondering which domestic cat breed is best for you. There are so many different types of breeds and the right cat is just waiting to move in. The process is very simple. By asking yourself a few questions about who you are, and knowing a little about various breeds you will be better equipped to make the right decision about which breed to go with.

All people have various personality traits that make them unique, and some people may have a very diverse personality, meaning that they can be very social when the occasion calls for it, yet artistic and quiet at other times. Choose a cat based on your most dominate personality traits.

TYPE A: Funny and Outgoing

People who have a type A personality are very outgoing and cheerful the majority of the time. These people look at the positive side of life. They are innocent and tend to attract the opposite sex. Type A personalities are strong because they always seem to find joy in the simple things that life has to offer.

People, who display these personality trails most of the time, tend to do well with very social energetic vocal cats. Top cat breeds for this personality are: Bengals, Rag dolls, Tonkinese, Manx, Japanese Bobtail, Tabbies, Calicos, Siamese and Abyssinian.

TYPE B: Artistic and Creative

People with type B personalities are very artistic and creative. They love to explore and meet new people, but they also like their quiet time. Crafty people love to work on the next big project and help others by making gifts or serving in some way.

Creative people tend to be more emotional and treasure close relationships, rather than having a lot of friends. Type B personalities do well with social, yet quiet cats. Top cat breeds for this personality are: Bengals, Tiffany, Scottish Fold, Persian, American Curl, Turkish Angora, and the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Type C: Emotional Sensitive and Loving

People with type C personalities are very emotional and sentimental. These people give and receive a lot of respect because of their ethical nature and loving character. They treasure marriage, and avoid arguing at all costs. They try to make amends and keep the peace with everyone they come in contact with. People with these personality traits forgive others quickly.

However, sometimes people who favor these personality traits can be very naïve and other people take advantage of their sweet giving philosophy. These people do very well with loving, affectionate, quiet cats. Top cat breeds for this personality type are: Persian, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, Angora, Rag Doll, Bengal, Himalayan, and Burmese.

TYPE D: Charming, Successful, Aggressive

People who have this personality type are very aggressive and successful at just about everything they do. However, some of these people will favor the charming ethical side while others will favor the controlling side and step on people in order to get to the top. Type D personalities are not bad, it just depends on how they use their talents. These people tend to be very focused on their outward appearance and sex appeal. They love to have fun and get attention.

Type D personalities do well with beautiful social, unique cats because they love to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Top domestic cat breeds for this personality type are: Bengal, Siamese, Japanese Bobtail, Wild Abyssinian, Ocicat, California Spangled, American Curl, Siamese, Main Coon, Calicos, and Tabbies.

Also remember that even though certain breeds are known for specific personality traits, every cat still has his or her own individual personality. You will still need to spend time with the kitten or cat first to see if you found the right one.

Have fun finding the best domestic cat breed that matches who you are as a person! As a new cat owner, there is still so much more that you need to know. Cats are lovable family pets, but they can be even better additions to the family when they are in top health and when they are properly trained. Get Your Copy of Cat Behavior and Health Secrets Now at:

Taking Care of Number 1

In his timeless business classic Looking Out For Number One, Robert Ringer suggested that in all business dealings the first person you should be concerned with is yourself. Although at first blush this might seem to be a very selfish concept, the reality of it is that if you cannot help yourself it is clearly impossible to help others. Even those with a well-defined altruistic focus must first be able to live and survive themselves in order to help others live and survive as well.

Some entrepreneurs, particularly small business people, wrestle with this concept. They are afraid to demonstrate material wealth and success because they are concerned that their employees – who are in some cases treated like family – will have a negative perception of them. When this becomes the case, the entrepreneur is more concerned about what their employees think than what is best for themselves and their business.

This problem becomes even more pronounced during economic times such as we face right now.

Often there is a reluctance to address these costs because of the extreme negative impact it will have on the released employee’s family. While noble in concept, when a business is struggling, the reluctance to act and reduce labor costs can and will ultimately have a negative impact on the business owner or manager’s family instead. The bottom line is that assuming responsibility for and providing employment to a team of employees adds a whole new layer to the complexities of running a business.

This is why many successful entrepreneurs are choosing to go solo. They are selling their businesses and redirecting their careers into new ventures that they can run and operate by themselves. If it sounds selfish, it is not, because very often these self employment opportunities provide the potential for tremendous income and wealth creation. Although the entrepreneur no longer employs other people, they now have the capability to give back to the community and to society at large. When such is the case, taking care of number one is clearly not a selfish approach-it becomes far more beneficial to society as a whole.


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Training Your Kitten What Not to Do

kitten health
by eva101

OK, we can motivate cats to do what we want – what about when they do things we don’t want? In general, behaviors that go unrewarded will become less and less frequent over time – there is little point in the cat investing energy in an action if it brings no benefit. However, once again we need to think about the nature of the reward. If a cat scratches the wallpaper, it may be as a response to a feeling of threat from another cat and a need to mark its territory to improve its own confidence – the reward is the feeling it gets from carrying out behavior it is highly motivated to do. Without removing the cause of the problem, it is difficult to change the behavior. You may be able to move it onto a more appropriate surface, such as a scratch post, but you need to understand where to put it and why. You need to think like a cat.

In general it is easier to train your kitten to do things than not to do them, especially if something has already become a learned habit. Prevention, as usual, is better than cure. Punishment, whether physical or only vocal, will be associated with the last event that occurred, and the kitten will be very confused about your aggressive behavior.

Many problems are brought on by owners themselves being inconsistent and sometimes by inadvertently teaching the kitten something wrong in the first place. It is important to be consistent from the start and not to allow your kitten to do things you would not appreciate it as it grows into a cat. Many people encourage this by tickling the kitten’s tummy and being amused as it grabs their hands – men are particularly good at these games that push kittens a little too far! Of course, it will be the children who get grabbed rather too hard by the growing kitten in play. It has not learned that it does not get attention if it gets rough – on the contrary, it has been encourage to act in this way and rewarded with heaps of attention.

If you don’t want your cat on the work surfaces in the kitchen, don’t let the kitten go there and don’t leave good out that acts as a reward should the kitten find it there, making it worth exploration in the future. Lift the kitten down each time and praise it for being on the ground.

It you want to be awakened at 5am every morning with demands for food and play, by all means get up and give the kitten attention. It then cannot be blamed for depriving you of a good night’s sleep. Giving in only once a week is enough to reward the kitten and give it the signal that it is worth the effort of waking you. Finally, don’t train your kitten to avoid the litter box by using it as a spot to give medicine.

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Benefits of Cat Training

Cat training is possible as long as you are patient. Cats are one of the most common and preferred house pets because of their cuddly behavior. Apart from these, cats are also favored because they can be trained. Although not as easy as chewing a gum, teaching your pet some manners and tricks is something that requires time, your patience and attention. Oftentimes pet owners forget that their pet is governed by their natural behaviors of what kind of animal they are. In short, training your feline companion to do tricks that are beyond the scope of being a feline then perhaps you should rethink this idea.

Prior to cat training, owners should be able to understand how these animals learn to appropriately impose the activities. These animals actually learn through experience and when they see that the said experience is good or they enjoyed doing it or it is not dangerous to them; then they will try with to repeat it until such time that they are used to it. In a different scenario, if the experience was unpleasant or they feel danger then eventually they will avoid it.

In this sense, owners should remember that any activity that you would want your cat to participate in should be something that is pleasurable and should accompany rewards. Therefore, it should also follow that whatever activities you do not want your cat to indulge or practice should be made into something punishable or not enjoyable.

Why do you have to do cat training? Is it not okay to leave them to do what they want? Well though it needs some of your time, making your cat do something that you want them to is more than just enjoyment not only to the pet but also to the owner, but overall it is actually a form of discipline for your pet.

For owners who need to be convinced to train their pets here are some benefits for this investment:

Damages on your own furniture or other stuff can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Since felines are not self-sufficient organisms, they need to be guided for them not to chew on your sofa or urinate in your houseplants. Apart from inflicting proper behavior, you might also save the lives of your pets and your own because their scratching thing might expose electric circuits or wires.
You will spend too much of your time trying to follow where the smell is coming from and to clean their litter. Since your pets have been trained, they will know where to pee or drop their wastes. In this way, you are also certain that you will not be expecting foul odors somewhere in the corner of your house.
When your pet is trained not to chew or scratch then it will be a relief on your end. This is one of the most important aspects of cat training.

Tom has had pets since he was a young child. He hopes to share many years of experience along with targeted research to help cat owners. This includes cat care as well. For more information, please visit his site today.

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Taking Proper Care Of Your Feet

Between the recommendations for exercise, the demands of errand running, and other tasks that require you to be on your feet and the extra weight you carry towards the end of pregnancy, you may find that your feet swell up and are sore. Water retention can also contribute to this problem.

In addition, as you gain weight your center of gravity will change. When this changes, your weight may be distributed differently on your knees and feet which can be quite uncomfortable at time.

As a result, your posture and other body part alignments can change. There are many foot problems that may be developed as a result.

The most common foot problems developed by pregnant women tend to be overpronation and edema. If these problems are left untreated it can cause even more problems and pain.

Overpronation is the flattening of the foot. This happens because of the extra weight put on the feet.

People who have flat feet tend to let their feet roll in when they are walking. This condition also tends to experience a stressed and inflamed plantar fascia.

Plantar fascia is a ligament or fibrous band of tissue that stretches from the heel to the toes. When this condition is not treated, you may develop Metatarsalgia or Plantar Fasciitis.

Metatarsalgia is severe ball of foot pain and Plantar Fasciitis is severe heel pain. Fortunately, Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis can be treated in a simple and inexpensive manner.

All you have to do is wear shoes with extra arch support. Often this means wearing athletic shoes and over-the-counter orthotics.

Edema is more commonly known as swelling. The swelling of the feet is a result of the pressure the uterus puts on your circulation.

This causes the liquid in your body to become displaced. Edema is quite common and normal unless the swelling in the feet is accompanied by the swelling of your face and hands.

There are many things you can do to reduce edema. The first thing you will want to try is raising your feet as much as possible.

This will allow gravity to help your circulation. It will help you draw the liquid in your feet back into your body.

It is also a good idea to wear shoes whenever possible. These shoes should be supportive with a rigid sole that will only bend with your toes.

At the same time, these shoes should have enough room to be comfortable even when they are slightly swollen. Constricting your feet will not help your circulation improve, it will simply be uncomfortable.

When you feet swell you may experience more liquid being caught in between your toes. This can lead to bacteria growth and infections, such as athlete’s foot, if you are not careful.

Try to avoid this condition by drying your feet after showers and changing socks when necessary. You may find that you will need to purchase new and bigger shoes later in pregnancy in order to remain comfortable.

Another thing that can help improve your circulation is walking around occasionally. This is especially important if you have been sitting for a long time.

When you are pregnant, it is much easier to develop blood clots that can block your circulation if you do not help it along. Exercising can tremendously help improve your circulation.

Many people find they prefer working out in the convenience and privacy of their own homes. The treadmill is generally not the best machine for women who are pregnant.

The elliptical is usually a much better choice because it can eliminate the up and down bouncing motion that occurs when you run. The up and down bouncing motion can accelerate the condition of your feet and it could hurt your baby.

The elliptical relieves these concerns, but it provides the many benefits of exercising. Through working out on the elliptical you will be able to become physically stronger, improve your circulation, feel better mentally and emotionally, and feel more energized.

As you exercise, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water. Your body needs a lot of water when it is pregnant.

It is generally recommended that you should get at least 64 ounces of water a day while pregnant. You should also avoid salty food, which will increase your body’s water retention.

If the swelling is much more in one foot than the other it is likely that you have developed some complications and that you should get medical help as soon as possible. As you take care of yourself, your pregnancy should proceed perfectly fine though.

Jack Landry is a personal trainer and has authored hundreds of articles relating to physical training and ellipticals. He has been a health expert and physical trainer for over 15 years.

Contact Info:
Jack R. Landry
[email protected]

Information About Cat Breeds You May Want to Know

If you’re thinking of buying a cat or a kitten, you’ll want to learn about some of the more popular cat breeds, to help you make an informed decision on what type to adopt.

What kind of a cat are you drawn to? The simple, elegant sculpted face of a Siamese, or the lovely long fur of the Persian, perhaps? There are many breeds to choose from, and quite a few half-breeds now as well.

Each of the cat breeds has its own pluses and minuses. For example, the Ragdoll and Himalayan cats have elegant fur, but they require more grooming. And the Siamese and Persian are regal in their carriage, but Siamese cats are often quite vocal, which will be problematic if you have a young child trying to nap.

Some of the breeds you might consider include Abyssinian cats, which look a great deal like a Siamese, except in coloring; exotic Shorthairs, which have the look of royalty with less fur; Maine Coon cats, with their trade-mark stubby or missing tail; Bengals, which are actually a hybrid between a Bengal cat and a domestic cat. Bengal cats need to be handled a lot as kittens and as cats, or some revert to their feral nature.

The Burmese might be the cat for you if you’re looking for a smart and active cat. They usually get along well with children, and they will even give dogs a chance.

Another of the family-friendly cat breeds is the Turkish Angora. This breed sounds like it would need a groomer on-call, but actually, you can satisfy this cat’s coat needs with a daily once-through. These cats are very playful and gentle, and they make great house pets.

The American Shorthair is the descendant of the first cats brought to America with the Puritans. They are excellent rodent hunters, and they’re usually very active and curious. They are lovable and easy-going, and can adjust to other cats, dogs and children.

The Ocicat is one of the human-made cat breeds, which has Siamese and Abyssinian breeds in its background. It’s considered a shorthair, and is very active and affectionate, although it looks a little on the wild side. She may greet visitors, and she is devoted and loyal to her owners.

The Devon Rex cat has a short, fine and soft coat, and large wide-set eyes. Their coat is curly, but short enough that you can groom without a brush, using a soft mitt instead. These cats have their history in England, but they have been bred to American shorthairs to propagate the breed here in the United States.

Whatever cat breeds you check into, try your best to select a cat that will fit in with your family and your routine. A lot of bad matches can be averted if you do your research first.

To learn about cat not eating and cat hair loss, visit the About Animals website.

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Train your Ragdoll Kitten for Playing

Motivated aggressive behaviors for play is common in kittens when cats play the have a variety of behaviors that they share in their play. Exploratory, predatory, and instigative play provides a kitten the opportunity to practice these skills. All of these skills are normal need for survival. Kittens will explore new thing that moves. They like to bounce, bite, and swing at objects that are great to play with.

Kittens learn to bite from the mother and offspring. If you take a kitten from their mother to soon, it can have adverse effects of rough playing. The kitten does not have time to spend with the family to learn rough playing with out the hurting.

Do not let the kitten play with your hand or feet, as this will allow the behavior to be a positive behavior. You will need to teach your kitten that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

Train your kitten with the correct behaviors for rough play. Have toys that will intrigue the kitten to play with, pull toys, put a small stuff toy on a string, and pull the toy. Allow the kitten to pounce, bite, or chase the toy. Allow the cat to rough play with a larger toy; this will help to stimulate the aggression behavior that is natural in a kitten.

You will want to set up daily sessions, with the kitten a day for this type of activity. This is let the kitten know that this is ok to do, with the toys or items that you have let them play with. This only gives a cat the signal that it is ok for the cat to use the object for rough play.

When your kitten is playing rough and does use an object to play rough, play with you will want to say “NO” in a stern voice. Do not yell or scream at the kitten, as they really do not understand you and sure do not at this time understand the word meaning. Say no, the kitten’s name, and the behavior he is doing. “NO tabby, you can not play rough with my hand.”
If this does not work, you can try using the spray bottle method to distract the attention from the rough play of the object. Cats do not like the spray in the face and will turn from what they are doing, you might have to repeat yourself for a few times, but tabby will get the hint soon. Try not to spray the fur or coat as this will mat the fur, and when grooming comes, it will not be a great experience for your or your kitten.

If you want the cat not to claw or sit on furniture or articles, you should put uncomfortable things on them so the cat does not feel the comfort to sit or claw on them. Such things as a net, should be placed over the couch for discomfort. When the cat starts to claw, they will get their claws snagged and they do not like that. Therefore, the cat will learn that it is not a comfort zone for them to be sitting or lying on.

When the kitten is playing correctly you will want to have small treats, bite size as a reward for the kitten, this will assure the kitten that when doing good rough playing is done that some things special is coming. Once you see that behavior for this is under control at this time you can decrease the treat until you are not to do that. You can use this special one when you want to just to let the kitten know they are doing a great job.

Never tap hit or flick your kitten for rough play, this will not work your kitten will fear you and or that this is great rough play and try to continue. In addition, never harm your cat or kitten for any reason.

There a lot of toys, scratch post, and other items that you will be able to purchase for your cat. Learn more about the different toys and items on the internet by searching for toys for cats.

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Tips On Finding A Quality Boarding Kennel For Your Cat

Every cat owner who has gone on vacation has been faced with the dilemma of what to do with their feline friend while away from home. Sometimes you luck out and are able to find a family member, friend or professional cat sitter who is able to take care of your feline. Other times neighbors and friends may be unavailable and you will need to explore another option: Cat boarding.

Putting your cat’s care in the hands of a stranger can be an uncomfortable thought. But it doesn’t have to be. Finding a kennel that will provide the care and attention your feline deserves will require a little homework as well as personal visits to each facility under consideration. One of your best sources to find a great kennels is referrals from friends or your veterinarian. Once youve been referred to a couple of kennels, take a tour.


When you are visiting the kennel be aware of all elements of the boarding facility. Here are some questions to keep in mind:

Do the grounds appear well-cared for and litter-free?
Is the building well-maintained?
When you enter the facility are you warmly greeted?
Is it clean? Does it smell clean?

Ask to see the cat boarding area. It should be in a separate area from the dog kennels. It should be well-lit and each cat should have his own enclosed area. Each cat should have adequate area that separates the food and water area from the litter box. Find out the type of cat food that the facility carries can you bring your own food?

Find out if there is any type of specific air ventilation system. At some boarding facilities there are vents within each area that circulate air every 15 minutes. This type of air circulation reduces odor and germs from the cat boarding area.

Aside from the essential physical requirements of the facility speak to the staff regarding their training and experience. Check to see if the boarding facility tracks how each cat is eating and eliminating. This is critically important as that is a baseline measure of the cats health. Do they have staff that can administer medication if needed? Ask if the facility has a protocol if your cat becomes ill. Oftentimes cats take a full day to acclimate to their surroundings, but a top-notch facility will know if your cat is just adjusting or if there is something more serious going on.

Once you are satisfied that the facility offers safe and clean surrounding and that the staff is knowledgeable, relax! While cats are particularly finicky, they also enjoy a change in scenery. Enjoy your vacation and let the professionals care for your beloved feline!

Tracy Mason, co-founder of PetSuites of America, is the author of this article on cat boarding and pet kennels. PetSuites is a pet boarding kennel specializing in pet grooming, daycare and more.