Dog Breed Legislation – The Breed Ban Laws

The issue of breed-banning has stirred quite the controversy over the last few years, with concerned citizens and dog owners fighting it out over which direction to take such litigation. Seattle has informally considered banning some dangerous breeds such as pitbulls, but has yet to address the issue formally due to lack of consensus among city councilmen. The question is whether breed-ban laws have any appreciable effect on the reduction of attacks against humans. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the answer is no. This organization relies on a 2003 study that addressed the effectiveness of a pit bull ban passed by Prince Georges County, Maryland. The ban forced the county to spend more than $ 250,000 each year to enforce the law. But the study concluded that “public safety is not improved as a result of [the ban]” and that “there is no transgression committed by owner or animal that is not covered another non-breed specific portion of the [County’s code] (e.g., vicious animal, nuisance animal, leash laws).” The study recommended that the breed-ban law be repealed.

ASPCA also points to a study by the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) which did not support breed specific legislation because of several problems associated with this type of law, including the inaccuracy of dog bite data and the difficulty of identifying dog breeds (especially mixed breeds). The CDC also was concerned that the breed ban laws would merely encourage irresponsible dog owners to turn to other breeds in an attempt to make the non-regulated breeds more aggressive and dangerous to human beings.

ASPCA also argues that breed-ban laws actually help to compromise rather than enhance public safety. ASPCA states that when scarce animal control resources are used to regulate specific breeds without regard to behavior the focus is shifted away from routine, effective enforcement of laws that have the best chance of making communities safer: license laws, leash laws, animal fighting laws, and laws that require all pet owners to control their dogs regardless of breeds.

On the other side of the debate is the newspaper publication Animal People, which writes that certain breeds are statistically much more responsible for attacks upon people (e.g., pit bulls and their mixes can account for nearly three-fourths of all attacks). It further asserts that the harm inflicted upon a human being by a dog may be irreparable and no amount of punishment can undo the damage. Thus, breed specific legislation can prevent the most gruesome and extreme injuries and attacks by prohibiting possession of those high-risk dogs that are more likely to cause them. The essence of breed specific laws, Animal People argues, is that they better protect public safety from dangerous dogs then by relying on the uncertain deterrent effect of punishment after-the-fact.

Central to the argument that certain breeds should be banned, according to Animal People, is that those uniquely dangerous breeds like pit bull mixes and Rottweilers often tend to attack without the series of warnings that most other dogs provide first, and then often inflict immediate and severe injuries, whereas most other breed-types will inflict disabling, disfiguring, or fatal injuries only in sustained attacks or pack attacks. Thus, the breed-specific law will help to prevent if not eliminate those types of severe attacks that often come without any advance warning. Essentially, with certain breeds Animal People argues that it is much better to be safe than sorry after a gruesome attack has occurred.

Seattle dog bite lawyer Christopher Davis represents dog bite attack victims who have suffered serious injuries, rabies, puncture wounds and scarring, emotional trauma and wrongful death as a result of the attack. As a resource for victims of any dog bites or animal attacks, Chris Davis wrote the book “When the Dog Bites” to provide legal advice for those in need.

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Taking Care Of Your Ears

The ears may seem to be small and insignificant but their function is all too important especially when it comes to communication. A hearing that is impaired may cause you to miss a lot in this life. So even though ear problems are not as serious as cancer or heart disease, you should still take care of your ears as you would the other organs of your body.

Never use inappropriate objects when removing your ear wax. There are ear buds designed to clean your ears so never substitute them with dangerous tools such as tiny sticks. A wrong move might cause you to injure your inner ear so learn how to clean your ears properly and safely.

Loud noise can affect your hearing so turn the volume of your player to mid or low level when listening to the radio. If you’re going to the bars to enjoy a party make sure you protect your ears from the loud music by wearing tiny ear plugs. Ear plugs can also shield your ears from pressure when you’re going diving or swimming.

If you’re involved in physical sports like rugby or hockey, always use extra protection for your ears aside from your helmet. Ear pads will protect your ears from damaging blows and impacts due to collision. Always play by the rules of the game and wear protective gears to avoid injuries.

Sometimes what you think as deafness is actually the result of mucus being accumulated in from the inside of your ears. This is usually caused by sinus infections due to sinusitis or allergic rhinitis where your mucus membrane overreacts and produces excess mucus. If you have any sinus conditions, have it treated to clear your ears from clogs.

Have an appointment with your ear specialist once every two to three months to receive updates on the condition not only of your ears but also of your eyes, nose and throat as well. At the first sign of a hearing problem, have your ears looked at immediately since the symptoms for hearing loss are quite subtle.

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Getting Ready For The Newborn Kittens

Caring for your cat during pregnancy may require a lot of time and effort in your part but it is a very wonderful and rewarding experience. But after the kittens are already born, you will need to do a different task and that is to take care of the newborn kittens. These kittens will need special kind of attention and care and you must make sure that you could provide it to them.

One good way to start is to prepare your home for the arrival of the newborn kittens. Kittens tend to play with, chew, or nibble anything that attracts their interest like plants, cords, and other materials. You should remove the things that could be harmful to the newborn kittens like anything that could poison them or hurt them. Electrical cords must be kept out of reach. Look for anything sharp and pointed and remove them from the area immediately. Deal with anything that could strangle your kitten like ropes, ribbons, and cords to provide a safer place for your kittens.

You might also want to save your curtains and drapes from kitten scratches so it would be advisable to tie them up so your kittens will not be able to reach them. Make sure that the cabinet for your cleaning liquids are out of your kittens reach. Most of these cleaning liquids are poisonous and you wouldnt want your kitty to play with them to prevent any kind of accident.

Another good preparation that you should not forget is to shop for things that your kitten will need. You will have to shop for foods that are suitable for newborn kittens. You should opt for foods that could give your kittens the kind of nutrition they need for growth. The food should also be easily digestible by kittens to prevent any troubles with their tummy.

You should also get them the things they need like their own bowls, kitty basket or bed, blanket, litter box, and toys. This is to ensure that your kittens will be comfortable and that they will have a good playing time. You should provide them with warm and comfortable place or area to sleep in. When choosing toys for your little kittens, make sure that they are safe and will not put the safety of your kittens at risk.

Lastly, you must make sure that your kittens are healthy. After birth, you could have a vet take a look at them to check them up for any illness and to give them vaccines that they need. If your vet saw some signs and symptoms that suggest illness, your kitten might be subjected to some tests and examinations. This is to ensure that they will grow healthy and will reduce the risk of getting sick. These things will help prepare you and your home for the arrival of your cats newborn kittens. You will not have to get worried about their safety inside your home and you can be sure that you will able to provide them with anything they need for them to grow happy and healthy.

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Cat Carrier

Pet carrier is one important thing that you should buy for your pet animals. This is very useful so you can carry with you your pet dogs or cats whether in veterinary, grooming salon or even in out of town trips. Here are some cat carrier and cat flaps that you can choose from:

1. Sturdy Pet Cat Carrier Green – this cat carrier is perfect for times you have to bring your cats to veterinary or in a grooming salon for new style. Sturdy Pet Cat Carrier is also stylish in green so your cats will not be left behind in terms of fashion. This cat carrier comes with holder for car seat belts to keep your pet safe while on the road. You do not have to worry about the comfort of cat while inside because this pet carrier has ventilation slits perfect for air ventilation of cats inside.

2. T-camp Delux Canvas Cat Carrier – want to go camping with your cats? Well this T-camp Delux Canvas Cat Carrier is perfect for this trip. The material used for this cat carrier is made of durable nylon so you are guaranteed that this is safe and cannot be easily damaged or broken. It can be opened at the top and at the front so this will be comfortable for the cat. This also comes with 2 side pockets for other essential things for cats like a cologne, food or even accessories. With this cat carrier, your cat will feel the camping vibe too.

3. Cleo’ Cat Small Dog Tote, Bag, Pet Carrier – there are times that you would want to walk in the park and bring your pet cat. It will be nicer if you have this fashionable Cleo’ Cat Small Dog Tote, Bag, Pet Carrier perfect for your cat or small dog. You can walk with great style even if you are carrying your pet animal. It has adjustable straps so you can arrange the bag anyway comfortable for you. You are sure that this is durable because it is made from nylon. This specific pet carrier is perfect for smaller animals like cats and small breeds of dog.

4. Brown Pet Mate 234 2 Way Lockable Cat Flap Plus Liner – we all know that cats love outdoors so a cat flap will be helpful for them to enjoy outdoors without the trouble of climbing the wall or the fence of your house. This specific cat flap is can be trimmed to fit any door size, walls, or panels. It has simple slide feature and open close settings so that your cats will have easier time using it.

Your trips will surely be more fun if you can bring along with you your pet cats. With these cat carriers your beloved cat will be safe and comfortable at the same time. Bringing pet carrier can also be beneficial to you since you will have easier time bringing your cats plus you can concentrate in driving even with their presence in the car. If you are planning a trip now with your cats or dogs do not forget to buy pet carrier, it will surely make your travel experience more fun and easier.

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Taking Care Of The Weeds

Beautiful lawns look thick, smooth, and even. Lawns that have been infiltrated with weeds are generally think, rough, and uneven.

Dandelions are the worst weed because they grow so much faster than grass. In addition, they spread easily and quickly.

However, these qualities are not limited to dandelions. Weeds in general can reproduce throughout all seasons of the year.

This means that even though you may stop watering your lawn with the raining season, you cannot stop taking care of the weeds in your lawn. They are a constant problem that will always need to be taken care of.

Due to this constant concern and care that is needed, many people simply give up when trying to keep weeds out. Some people do not realize that this is a year round task and stop taking care of the weeds when they stop other lawn care activities.

Watering, fertilizing and other lawn care activities are all done on a regular basis which indicates that weed removal should also be done on a regular basis. It can be difficult to remove weeds once they are large and thick.

If you remove weeds on a weekly or daily basis, it will be a much easier task. There will be much fewer weeds to remove each week and they will be much smaller as long as you stay on it each week.

Some people simplify the task even further by using a chemical mixture that kills weeds and fertilizes grass. This mixture is spread over the lawn.

There are also several mixtures that only kill weeds. There are two types of this kind of mixtures.

There first kind is pre-emergent weed killer. Pre-emergent weed killer is designed to kill weeds before they germinate and come up.

The second kind of weed killer is post-emergent. Post-emergent week killer is designed to kill weeds that have already grown out of the ground.

However, many of these weed killers are designed to target a specific type of weed. All too often the wrong kind of weed killer is used on the wrong kind of weed.

This creates a lot discouragement and frustration among those who keep pursuing an ideal lawn. It is important to do research to find out which kind of weed killer is the best for its price.

In addition, you will need to research which kind of weed killer is the best for which kind of plant. Keep in mind that after a while of using a specific kind of product the weeds may become accustomed to the killer.

As a result, the killer will not be as effective anymore. When this happens you will need to do more research to find another weed killer that will work effectively.

When you select a weed killer, you will want to make sure that you follow the directions carefully. These weed killers can be quite poisonous and dangerous if you misuse them.

Most of the time you will want to apply some weed killer in the Spring to get all of the winter weeds. In most areas, the proper time to apply your first application of weed killer is sometime between February and April.

Slightly later you will want to apply a pre-emergent weed killer and fertilizer to prevent the Spring weeds from popping up. Make sure that you apply it several days in advance of when you expect the weeds to come in.

Most weed killers suggest 30 days in advance. This will make sure that you get everything before it comes up.

In general, most weeds in most areas come up between March and May. As a result, you will want to make sure that you want to apply weed killer before February.

Make sure that you follow the directions on the weed killer. In this case, more is not better, even if the proper amount does not seem to be working correctly.

You will need to apply a second coating of weed killer about sixty days later. Of course, the number of applications you will need to apply will depend on which weed killer you will be using specifically.

As you take care of your lawn, you will be able to maintain a smooth, beautiful lawn. In addition, it will stay smooth when you mow as the weeds will not grow faster than the grass.

Tom Selwick has worked the past 22 years in the lawn care industry. He suggests usingLawn Care Atlanta for a quality lawn.

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How to Teach Your Kitten to Litter Box

The very first task, and no doubt the most important one, when you will bring kitten to your home – is to teach your little friend as fast as you can and in easily understandable ways where is kitten’s litter box! Kitten’s roguery, who refuses to use even the best and most expensive cat’s toilet, can make anyone, even the most cold-blooded person, lose the temper. And because, as it was said: “We are responsible for those who we tamed!” I suggest that you have to gather all your patience!

Below I will give you few advices, and hope it will help you to avoid many common mistakes. When you notice, that your kitten tosses about and scratches his pads, take your kitten very carefully, not pressing it’s stomach, and place kitten at it’s litter box. When kitten has made it’s “business”, stroke and compliment it (all cats are very sensible to your voice inflection!)

If kitten made his “wet business” somewhere in the corner of your house, or on the carpet, there is high probability that next time it will come to the same place – because of this you should place it’s litter box to that spot – but don’t be afraid – it is only temporary measure, and you need to wait until kitten will feel, how this new litter box is comfortable (of course, this step does not exempt you from necessity to control all the process!) In kitten’s litter box you may put some pieces of paper or small piece of rag, wetted in kitten’s urine. If your kitten tries hard to settle near it’s litter box anyway, you must prevent it from doing this by placing on that spot some big objects from your household.

When kitten will get to know the right place for it’s toilet and begin to go there routinely, you need to start moving this litter box in desirable place. But you should not hurry up this process, and you need to cover and constantly protect those places where kitten got used to go to toilet, by placing some bulky objects from your household.

You must be patient and indulgent to your pet! Even if “incident” happened, and kitten made “wet business” not in it’s toilet, you may scold it a little, poke kitten’s nose into the mess. You should not lose your temper in any way and you must not kick your kitten or frighten it! Dirty place must get cleaned straight away, and you have to sprinkle this place with something fragrant, that can be deterrent for the kitten.

In order such unpleasant incident does not happen again, you should feed your little friend in strictly defined hours and carry it to toilet straight away after the meal. Since all cats are very cleanly by their nature, your kitten will get accustomed to the new order very soon!

Until your pet is still kitten, do not take it to your bed for a night, because kitten could be lazy to go somewhere long distance to get it’s toilet and will make mess in your bed instead. And the last advice. If you have decided to have kitten, you must gather all of your patience and mercy! In no way kick your kitten like ping-pong ball! Love your pet and it will love you too!

You may start teaching your kitten how to get used to go to w.c. pan, when it becomes 6 months old. Whether you need this or not – it’s your call. As a matter of fact, modern litters are comfortable enough for your cat. For my cat, for instance, I use coarse granular Catsan Crystals litter. It totally kills all odours and it may be changed once or twice a week (but you still must remove all hard droppings each time!). Later I will publish article how to teach your kitten to use w.c. pan, as a toilet.

Author – professional and enthusiast with wide experience in training cats and dogs. To learn more about how to train your cat successfully and correct it’s behaviour visit The Planet of the Cats where you will find useful information and vital links to all your answers about cats and kitten training, dietary solutions, vet advices

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Details To know Earlier than Breeding Your Cat

The population of cats is the United States alone is unbelievable. Nearly allexperts will tell you that you just ought to spay your cat instead of breed it. No matter what specialists need to say, a good deal of people today desire to have a litter of kittens from their cat. Just before you choose to breed your cat, you’ll find a few items that you just need to take into consideration.

The 1st point you need to know is that breeding cats requires time. For that next two months after the litter is born, you’ll ought to clean the area on a daily basis. You’ll also have to watch over the kittens as properly, and keep a close eye on how they are developing. When you strategy to breed a litter of cats, you won’t have time for much of something else.
Breeding cats will also require a excellent degree of space as nicely. In the event you possess a small apartment, you shouldn’t attempt to breed a cat. You need to also make certain that your family agrees with the thought, as it isn’t beneficial for your kittens in the event you keep them locked up. Maintain in thoughts that kittens like to see issues; they’ll end up going all over your household as very well.

Breeding cats also requires a degree of responsibility as properly. You ought to always have a program of approach, including homes for the kittens to go which you aren’t planning to keep. Preserve in mind that things can change, someone who wanted a cat may possibly change his mind once the litter is born. In this occasion, you should decide regardless of whether or not you’ll be able to preserve a kitten that does not possess a house.

Breeding also needs some education as very well. You need to be prepared for any issues along the way, in addition to what takes place during birth. From cutting umbilical cords to delivering early, you will have to be nicely prepared. You should also have the appropriate supplies, and know how to manage points in the event of a c-section. You may also should know what to feed pregnant cats, as their diets are extremely important if you’re breeding.
Breeding will also price income as nicely, with kittens costing a lot far more money than you may well believe. The food is not the only point that’s high priced, as the vet bills can also get high priced. Even though you may perhaps go by means of the entire pregnancy without going to the vet, you’ll still require de-worming and vaccination medicines as properly.

In short, there is a lot to consider where breeding is concerned. If you may have your thoughts set on it and you want to breed, you ought to be sure that you have the correct knowledge and everything you need to have earlier than hand. You should constantly be ready to take care of anything associated with breeding – and prepare yourself for that worst achievable scenario.


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Pet Strollers For Cats

If you own a cat, you may think that your time together is restricted to your home but if you buy pet strollers for cats, you can take it out. Many cats do not like being on a leash and will fight to go home but in a cat stroller, they are far more comfortable. You can transport your cat easily and know that it is safe and secure. You will be amazed how much more time you spend together when you can simply pop them into the stroller.

There are several different types of cat strollers to choose from and you have to decide on your main uses for it before purchasing one. There are pet strollers for cats that you can use on the roads and other designs for rougher terrain. They are ideal for trips to the vets and are far more comfortable than pet carriers. Your cat can be placed in the stroller and simply pushed to the vets in the fresh air with no fear of being attacked by other animals.

If your cat is elderly or sick, the cat stroller is ideal as it can still get out and see things and get fresh air. Cats get bored if they are stuck indoors all of the time so having one of the pet strollers for cats is ideal. When looking at the different makes and models you can choose a design that works best for your cat. There are many styles and colors that let you can pick one that matches your personality. You will need to look at the capacity of the stroller and the extra storage places for you to place your shopping.

The storage compartment is ideal not only for your shopping but also for your cat’s accessories. You may need to take water and a bowl for your cat and this is the easiest place to put them. Buying a rain cover for your cat stroller is very important as your cat will not want to get wet at any time. Although you can buy cheap brands, if you want your pet strollers for cats to last, you should spend the money. Buying a quality stroller will enable you to use it with confidence, knowing it will last for several years.

You can find your cat stroller in all good pet stores and if you want something totally unique, look online. There are stores online that will personalize the cat stroller for you and your pet, making it a one of a kind. No matter where you purchase your pet strollers for cats, you need to ensure that it is affordable, lightweight and stylish.

You need to be able to collapse and store the cat stroller easily, both inside the house and the car. If you do not have the room to store it in the house folded, you may consider leaving it up for your cat to sleep in. Once your cat is used to the stroller, it will love being out and about safe and secure in its cat stroller.

Find your favorite pet strollers for cats and let us get you moving and on-the-go with your furry friend.

When Searching For a Kitten Veterinary Hospital

If you’ve a cat and they ever fall unwell, you want to take them to a cat veterinary hospital. A Chicago pet hospital is essentially like the surgery that we as humans go to, only designed for cats. Naturally you’re going to want to make sure of a few things before you are taking your cat to just any old cat veterinary hospital, to ensure that they are going to be getting the care and hospital therapy that they require.

Services They Offer

One of the first aspects that you are going to consider when trying to select a veterinary clinic is what sort of services they offer. Some veterinary hospitals offer both typical and alternative techniques of treatment for your pet. If alternative therapies appeal to you, you will want to take this into consideration and make sure that you find a pussy veterinary clinic that practices both kinds of medicine. A Google search can be a good begin to find your new veterinarian.

The more services a veterinary clinic offers the better. Are you looking for a clinic that offers amenities like boarding and grooming or maybe alternative therapies including chiropractic and acupuncture. Some hospitals today are adding the most recent in diagnostic medicine including digital x-ray, dental x-ray, ultrasound and even MRI. A method to evaluate all the various services available is to create a catalog of all the different veterinary hospitals that you are considering and the services that they offer. This will take a bit of time but will be well worthwhile and will give you the best chance at finding the best veterinary clinic for your pet.


Another crucial thing that you will need to do is take some time to take a look at the staff. You need to guarantee that they are qualified if they are working at the feline veterinary hospital, and this suggests checking to see what sort of background they have, where they went to school and what degrees they received, for instance. Good quality staff can make the difference between a good clinic and a great one.


You will also wish to see what sorts of prices they are asking for their services, due to course you are going to require to discover a pussy veterinary clinic that you are able to afford. Naturally this is the last thing that you want to have to worry about when it comes to the condition of your loved pet, but it is something you are going to need to be involved with nonetheless.

At least you can be assured in the knowledge that there are masses of great options available to you when it comes to veterinary hospitals, and so you will never have to settle for second best. You will feel far better knowing that your animal will be in good hands god forbid there ever be something wrong and they require medical attention.

And Eventually

Take a tour of any facilities you are considering. Just walking into a veterinary practice and looking around can answer lots of your questions awfully swiftly. You will immediately be ready to judge the cleanliness of the practice as well as staff interactions and the first services offered. It will also give you the opportunity to talk with clients waiting in the waiting room.

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Cat Training Supplies

Kitty litter, litter pan, catnip, catnip toys, cat mats, plays mice, scratching tree or post collars, leashes, Supplements, door entrances, treats, and food are all cat-training supplies. All these items plus more can be found in pet stores on the Internet, in the local vets office, and local store that carry a line of pet supplies. In addition, just about any thing that you may need to help you train your cat can be found.
Another way to get very inexpensive and maybe free supplies is check out different articles to come up with homemade remedies and items that will help you with the training of a cat. Cats are not really a fussy pet. We can make them that way, cats do not know that you made the item or purchased it. This is another good way to get the whole family involved with training the cat. Have them help make the item or come up with some ideas to help train a cat. Children love to make things and this is a good teaching tool for the children. Teaching children that their pet cat needs also to have training in areas that will help the family have a good healthy relationship with the pet cat.
A simple plastic concentrated juice container is a great idea for cats to roll around, and play with. Buy putting something harmless in the container that will make noise and if the cat world get the container open, so the will not be harmed. Put some good tape or glue the top close to the juice container. On the other hand, if someone in the family can sew. Making toys for the cat. Mice, balls, and object that you can think of. Fill it with soft batting or catnip. The cat will love to play with any of these items.
Build a tree-climbing house for your cat. If you or a family member is a handy person with building small things this is a good idea and cost is very inexpensive. You do not want to make it to high, as we do not want to teach a cat to jump from high places. However, you can have it spread out if there is room for it.
Get some type of idea how much room the cat needs when they are curled up sleeping, you can make a little area particular enclosed for the cat to sleep. Make from the bottom to the next level high enough to allow the cat for a scratching pole. Have a small shelve on it for the cat to sit and play with some toys or couple of toys on a stick with string attached so that cat can swat at the toy. Make a tunnel for the cat to crawl though or to go when they feel they need protection. If the wood does not splinter, you can use just the bare wood. If you are going to paint or stain the scratching post, take time to check out your local paint store for suggestions on this. You would not want to harm the cat if they would lick or try to gnaw the wood. Putting carpeting is a good idea. Make sure the carpeting does not have loops in the weaving that the cat can get the claws snagged. Cats do not like to get claws snag on anything.
When purchasing supplies for your pet make sure that the item will be appropriate to the trick or behavior you intent to train the cat, some of the pet stores will allow you to bring in your pet. This is a good idea if you are able to do this. This way you can tell by a cat’s reaction if the supplies that you would like to purchase will be interesting enough to the cat.
Cats are all different and have very many different natures. If it works for one cat may not work for another cat.
Always remember when training a pet cat that it will take time and patience to trained a cat. In addition, this will be rewarding to your pet cat and the family.
If you are having problems with training the cat there are many articles on the Internet about training cats and call the vet, cats too do get sick or depressed.

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