Training a Kitten

So you’ve brought home a fluffy bundle of love. She’s just gotten all her shots, and has been given a clean bill of health. You even have plans to make sure she gets fixed in a few weeks. She’s bright-eyed and energetic (even when you would wish for her to settle down at 2 o’clock in the morning!), and happy as a clam. She has all the toys she could want, and you even have a cat tree on back order for her when she gets big enough to use it. Sounds idyllic to the cat fancying types, doesn’t it?

And then she starts misbehaving. Either she tears around the house, knocking things over, steals stuff and starts destroying the furniture and generally shatters the equilibrium of the home. Stop right there. Some of you may be thinking that pets, especially young ones, must be treated like their human counterparts. This isn’t so. Far too many owners try to treat their pets like humans, and it just doesn’t go over well at all. If you want to engender obedience in sweet Fluffy, there are some things you should take to heart when attempting to train her. Also bear in mind that unlike dogs, cats don’t typically go for ‘Do x because of y’ routine. They will usually ignore such methods, frustrating you and probably upsetting them.

When she behaves rambunctiously, she’s doing so because she’s probably bored or lonely, not necessarily malicious or evil. She is attempting to act out instinctual predatory behaviors. It’s up to you to help guide her in the right direction. Go down to her level, play with her, provide toys and interaction – don’t just leave toys for her to explore on her own. At that age, not only are you fostering positive experiences for her, the bonding will help ensure that she stays safe in the home, knowing in whom she can rely for comfort, love and nourishment. If you want her to do something, you must reinforce the thing with stimuli she’ll find pleasant. The inverse isn’t necessarily true. You ‘should’ help her understand that certain things will manifest an unpleasant result, but, for instance, if she comes meowing and romping at 2 a.m., don’t chase her and let her outside or feed/play with her then. This is more then likely exactly what she wants, so she’ll assume, despite your yelling, that she has done a good thing.

If Fluffy is prone to tearing up the furniture, there are few things you can do to bring about a positive result. First, you have to accept that she ‘will’ stretch, climb and scratch. These are all natural activities for a cat, and things they greatly enjoy doing. In the short term, confining her to a small area, while providing things for her to scratch that ‘are’ safe will suffice. Hanging scratch pads, made of either cork or sisal on your door knobs is one way to encourage her to scratch, just do so appropriately. In the long term, you should monitor what she gets into, and not let her have unsupervised access to the house until you’re comfortable she isn’t going to turn your $ 900 leather sofa into confetti.

These are only a few examples of the trials and tribulations that you may face with your darling Fluffy. But, if you treat her right, reinforcing positive behavior with good things, and misbehavior with gentle yet firm negative reinforcement, she will come to understand and adapt, as all well-mannered cats do. Bearing that in mind, you’re sure to spend years and years together.

When all else fails, a spray bottle is inexpensive and says what you sometimes can’t, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning.

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Cats and Kittens – Ways For Taking Care of the Kittens

The health of the Cat and Kitten must be attended to; the kitten must be seen by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will examine the health of the kitten to see if the kitten has parasites or any disease. Newborn kittens can have vaccination if they reach eight to nine weeks old.

If the mother cat is nursing the kitten, you do not have to feed your Cat and Kitten . But when the mother cat is not around to feed the kitten, you have to give food to the kitten. In the first ten days of the lives of kittens, they have closed eye, therefore a syringe is needed in feeding your pet.

You nourish your pet by following the procedure in the box based on the weight of your pet. The food of kitten is not the same as the food of adult cat; it has a particular formula which has high fats and protein. The food has to be very digestible and plenty of nutrients. Kittens need soaked food because this is easy to digest. Newborn kittens are not capable to hold dry food; however, the kitten can be able to handle it when the kitten reaches eight weeks old.

Give food to your pet ten to twelve times a day or one serving every 2 hours. Do not give cow’s milk to the kitten; this can cause indigestion or diarrhea. The teeth of the kitten start growing around two weeks. After three weeks, you can begin to give your pet a bowl for its food and your pet how to make use of it.

Newborn kittens are not capable to defecate with no help. The mother cat helps kittens in eliminating food through the licking of their rectum. If the mother cat is not present, make use of a wet cloth and rub the stomach and rectum of the Cat and Kitten to induce bowel movement. During this age, kittens are not capable to use trash box where to urinate, so you have to clean them.

The behavior of the cats can be determined during their first week of existence. If your kitten is together with its mother cat and brothers/sisters, the kitten will be able to learn playing and socializing with them. However, if your pet is alone, you have to cuddle and play with the kitten in order to develop a close association with the pet. The kitten usually begins to stand up at around two to three weeks, and will begin to play at three to four weeks.

Things that you need for the new kittens:

· Sleeping box; baby cats spend plenty of time in sleeping, therefore you have to give a hot, comfortable box for them to sleep. The room wherein the box is placed must be warm, since kittens are not capable to maintain a standard temperature and they may experience hypothermia that may be fatal.

· Blankets and also towels in keeping the kitten hot.

· Special recipe kitten food

· Paper or soft toys

· Litter box

· Food bowls

· Water bowls

· Toys

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Taking Care Of Yourself

Your beauty routine is something that is very important and must be done daily. If you miss a day, you may not only look not so good that day, but it could cause you to break out in the following days.

There are many elements of a beauty routine that you should consider. The first thing you will need to set is what time you will wake up and go to sleep every day.

You need to make sure you get enough sleep and getting the same amount at the same times everyday will help you sleep better. The saying about getting your beauty sleep is definitely true.

Sleep can make a huge difference. The times you set for bed and getting up apply even on the weekends and holidays.

The second thing you will want to make sure you do is eat breakfast. Many studies have been done by researchers on this subject.

The result were unanimous in showing that women who eat breakfast will live longer, be more physically fit in general, and most important of all, look younger. Eating a good breakfast every morning is very important.

Of course, after you eat breakfast you must brush your teeth. Taking care of your teeth is very important so that they do not get gum disease and decay.

A beautiful smile is one of the most important elements of beauty. A person who does not have a beautiful smile may find it difficult to smile without scaring children.

This means that you constantly need to take care of your teeth and your gums. Be sure to visit your dentist for regular checkups and visits.

In addition, try to promote good breath by using mouthwash, mints, or gum throughout the day. You may be surprised how many people will notice bad breath.

Of course, you should also shower sometime during the day. If you shower in the morning you will need to blow dry your hair before you can fix it.

In order to make your shower productive, you will want to set a time limit so that you do not fall into the temptation of simply enjoying the water. However, if you shower in the evening it can be a great way to relax and let yourself get sleepy.

You will also want to make sure that you use body lotion all over your body. Beautiful skin is a key element of beauty.

It does not take very long to spread lotion all over yourself. In addition, lotion can go a long way in helping you have beautiful, glowing skin.

Of course, you must also carefully choose your outfit for the day. Your outfit will also make a difference in whether or not you are considered to be beautiful.

You cannot apply your make up until you have chosen your outfit either. The colors you use will need to match your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and the colors and style of your outfit.

After you properly apply your make up, you will need to do your hair. Your make up should not take you very long to do.

Your hair will take longer if you have to blow dry it and if it is long or unruly. Shorter hair will take much less time.

You do not have to do a fancy hair do in order to look stunning. Instead, you can save time by doing a simple hairdo.

Of course, you will want to dress and look appropriate for the activities of the day. You may want to invest the time in a fancy hairdo if you have an important business meeting.

If you go to school you can save time by making sure that you have everything ready to go the night before. Make sure you have tests and other assignments done.

The less stress you make yourself go through, the better. Before you go to bed you should make sure that you wash your face and properly remove your makeup.

Dry your face and apply any other products that you may use. In addition, it is very important that you brush your teeth again.

You will want to remove the bacteria on your teeth before you allow it to sit on your teeth and grow overnight. This can have serious consequences for your teeth.

Then, you will be able to climb in bed on time in order to get your beauty rest. As you take care of yourself, you will be able to maintain your youthful beauty.

Ronald Pedactor is a former dental assistant and has authored hundreds of articles relating to oral health. He worked for a dentist in Beaufort South Carolina before becoming a guest dental lecturer for the past 15 years.

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Cat Supplies – Ways To Take Care Of Your Pet!

taking care cat
by alasam

It is not an easy job to take proper care of your pet either it’s a dog or a cat. An owner of pet must have to pay too much attention to his pets regarding their food and other supplies. If you have a pet than you must have all the required supplies to comfort your pet. You must have to be very precise regarding needs and wants of a cat if you want to have it as a pet. Here in this article few vital supplies of cats are given to make your cat feel comfortable with you.

Bowl is one of the most important cat supplies. It is sure that if you have a cat than you musty have to feed her food and drink to keep her healthy. Several types of bowls are easily available in the market. Make sure that the bowl you have bought for your beloved cat is clean and quite heavy so that it can’t be tipped over by your cat. The material of the bowl should be scratch less because bacteria and other germs take place in these scratches. These germs are very dangerous for your cat’s health and might cause different diseases. Stainless steel bowls are best option to feed your cat.

Shampoo and comb is also one of the most vital cat supplies. Try to shampoo your cat after a month to get rid of fleas and other parasites. To make your cat feel comfortable use comb to brush your cat’s hairs regularly. The most important thing you’ll need for your cat is a litter box. If you have a small kitten than try to teach it different techniques to use a litter box. Always buy a big-sized litter box because cats hesitate to use small sized litter boxes.

Clean the paws of your cat after two or three days so that germs will not take place in them. Use a nail cutter to trim the nails of your cat because they might be able to attack you or others when they are angry or feel insecure. These are the most significant cat supplies to keep your pet healthy and active.

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Taking Care of Brassia Orchids

Brassia orchids are epiphytic plants that can be found in some of the West Indian islands as well as some parts of America. Named after a prominent plant-life illustrator, the best thing about these odd-looking plants is probably the wonderful smell of their delicately fragranced blossoms.

The Brassia is nicknamed the Spider Orchid due to the characteristic shape of its flowers. Varieties come in pleasing pastel colours, accentuated with brown highlights which do make them look remarkably similar to their namesakes. Like virtually all orchids, members of this family are fairly easy to care for if you follow the tips below and try to accommodate for just a few simple requirements.

Pick a perfect pot

As with all orchids, the pot in which your Brassia is housed will have a huge effect on its well-being so choose wisely. Ideally, select a natural, porous material which will prevent the planting matter from becoming too waterlogged.

Good ventilation to the roots is also an important requirement so the container should have a well aerated base, possibly with slits in the sides too.

The planting matter should be of a type that is specifically formulated for orchids rather than just regular compost and will usually consist of many substances including bark and moss. You should be prepared to re-pot in fresh medium every two to three years to prevent root rot.

Get the illumination right

Making sure your plant gets adequate light is absolutely essential, but you need to remember that orchids are very prone to sunburn. Take care to protect them from direct, unfiltered sunshine by using a shade or curtain or simply just choosing your location wisely.

If providing enough illumination is an issue then think about relocating the Brassia or perhaps investing in a daylight simulating fluorescent lamp; fairly pricey but other plants may benefit from it too.

Turn up the temperature

Remember, these orchids originate from a tropical habitat so will need temperatures in the 65 to 75 degree range in order to survive indoors. Allowing a reduction in the overnight temperature to no less than 55 to 60 degrees will also be necessary. To encourage re-flowering, provide a similarly cool environment during the orchids resting period between early autumn and late winter.

Think before watering

Although this type does like a little more water than other varieties, you should still water sparingly and only after you have checked the dampness of the planting matter. Take care not to let this become over-desiccated; it should fell just damp to the touch before you re-hydrate.

Boost the humidity

This variety is used to steamy surroundings so create as much humidity as possible by positioning humidifiers or soaked pebbles close by. Placing the container on a stand over a tray of water is also an option as long as you ensure that the water does not seep into the pot and damage the roots.

Don’t forget the fertiliser

Brassias require more feeding than many other orchid varieties and your plant will benefit from being doused with a weak nitrogen based preparation every seven days. You can go a little easier on the fertiliser during the plant’s dormant stage.

Rest assured that it is actually quite difficult to kill an orchid through lack of attention as they pretty much like to be left to their own devices. Provided you get the fundamentals right, you should find the Brassia orchid to be a very low maintenance and a very unusual looking addition to your plant family.

Carl Harrison is an orchid enthusiast. For more great tips and advice on brassia orchids, visit

Taking Care of Yourself

The difference between prevention and treatment is significant. We understand the concept…I know we do. I see people getting oil changes, paying for warrantees and keeping their things clean. I see people making sure that they are preventing problems and taking care of their cars, appliances and homes on a regular basis. We do these things without even thinking about it. Why do we take care of our belongings? We take care of them to prevent damage and to keep them working like new. We take care of these things because we don’t want them to break down. If they do break down, we don’t want to have to replace them.

Interesting concept? It makes sense, doesn’t it? What doesn’t make sense is the way we treat ourselves. I don’t understand why we don’t take the same approach with our bodies, minds and personal lives. Now, I could go on and on about what is wrong with the way things are. I could continue to point out issues and flaws, but I don’t want to. I am tired of hearing about how “bad” things are. Between the economy, health care system (and every story on the news), there isn’t much good news out there.

Well, I have some good news for you. You can be healthy and happy. We can all be healthy and we can all be happy. We are in control over our health. Whether you want to improve your physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual…any kind of health, you can improve it. You can do it by setting goals and putting energy into your health. Just think about how happy we would be if we put as much energy into our health as we did into the stress and turmoil that surrounds us.

I think the world would be a better place. In fact, I know it would be better. If nothing else, we would all be better equipped to handle the world because we would be taking care of ourselves. We would pass those principles on to our family and friends and they would do the same. Pretty soon, we would all be healthy and happy. The world would be healthy and happy.

Now, I would never be accused of being too “rah-rah” or overly spiritual. I would consider myself to be more logical or “realist”. For that reason, I do hope that this idea holds more power considering the source. Me, not being someone that spends all day contemplating my spiritual being or preaching philosophy from the mountain tops, I feel that this is coming from more of a logical or “realist’s” point of view.

The logic and the reality: we are in control of our health. If we take and use that control we will be happier. If we are happier, the world will be a better place.

Business Health Expert Joe Byrd uses his passion and expertise to bring business and health together. He integrates health education in lifestyle topics such as Stress Management, Weight Management, and Smoking Cessation into businesses in order to accomplish the following:

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Hyperthyroidism In Cats – 3 Tips to Take Care of Your Pet

If your cat is sick, it is very hard for her to lead a normal life. Hyperthyroidism in cats are very common and it takes a lot of time to recognize the symptoms and then choose the best treatment. However, that’s not the only thing that must be done, you must take care of your pet daily, give it all the love and support and be there for it all the time.

1. Take the cat to the vet

The most important thing is never to let days or weeks pass by and neglect how dangerous hyperthyroidism in cats could be. The vet will do the job and let you know how you could improve the quality of cat’s life. You must make meals based on a special diet. You should give her the medications and monitor the behaviour at all times. When it comes to treatment, the vet will give you the right advice on what kind of treatment which is recommendable for your cat.

2. Prepare yourself

It is not only about your cat’s physical and mental condition, it’s about your feelings as well. Watching your cat being nervous, losing hair, vomiting, having breathing problems and other similar things can be really heart breaking and some people just can’t deal with it. On the other side, there are people who are just being selfish and they prefer putting their cat to sleep rather than helping her to get over the situation. Hyperthyroidism in cats can be life threatening, but the cure actually exists, so the best thing you can do is develop enthusiasm and be helpful.

3. Don’t blame yourself

There is no particular thing that leads to this illness, so there is actually nothing you can do to prevent the condition. It is true that heart and kidney problems are related to this disease but as a pet owner, the only thing you can do is visit a vet as soon as you notice the symptoms, especially if your cat is very old. Of course, by improving the life quality of your cat and taking her to the vet occasionally you can at least have a peace of mind and know that you are doing your best to make the cat happy.

Just like any health condition connected to animals, hyperthyroidism in cats can be very annoying, since your cat can’t tell you what is bothering her and you must put your efforts and notice that. However, as soon as your cat can sense that you are giving all the love you can, she will begin to feel much better.

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Grooming Cat

There are lots of fundamentals that nearly everybody know come with proudly owning a cat. There does exist the litter box to take care of, and a gentle provide of fresh water and meals that each one pets need. However, determined by the sort of cat you have, you might also have to think about cat grooming. Most consider cats as fairly clean animals that care for their own initiative bathing wants, but there are several breeds that might need a little help in that area. Those breeds which have longer hair will have to have grooming providers for cats once in while.
Lengthy haired breeds will require cat grooming to avoid problems. Some house owners do that on their particular by brushing their cats on occasion, and that can hold their coats feeling and looking good. Whenever a cat has longer hair, they shed like other cats, but the hair could be caught inside the fur, and that signifies that mats can happen anywhere within the fur at any time. Brushing and/or combing can take out that extra hair to decrease the probabilities of that happening. The sort of cat grooming may be achieved at dwelling, however you do must keep it up to keep away from painful problems.
When knots and mats occur within the fur, you might have to take your pet elsewhere for cat grooming services. You possibly can attempt to chop out the mat on your own, however that is never a sensible idea. It is simply too risky for the average particular person as a result of it’s too easy to chop the pores and skin of the cat with the fur. Most knots are too near the pores and skin to get a clean cut. Grooming services for cats are run by those who know what they’re doing, and they can look after the problem with no harm to your pet.
When on the lookout for cat grooming services, you’ll be able to attempt your native pet retailer to see if they’ve grooming providers for cats in-store, or if they can recommend somebody to you. You may as well find cat grooming companies domestically by on the lookout for companies in your phone book or by trying it up online. You can too find suggestions from other pet homeowners in your space by wanting up opinions on the Internet. You’ll have to pay for cat and other pet grooming extra typically than you need, but it’s for the well being and nicely-being of your pet.

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Taking Care of Piano

Investing in Piano is not an easy decision as it costs you a lot and is a big investment in your life. Taking care of piano is essential if you want to keep it for years and in good running condition. Prevention is better than cure, so you must have a preventative approach for all your instruments. You should be aware with some easy ways to take proper care of your piano. Here are some easy tips.

Cleaning the Keys:

It is strongly recommended never use any cleaning material like bleach, rubbing alcohol, or other products like these to clean the keys of your piano. They would fulfill your need for the time being but would leave long term affect on your piano keys. Almost all of these products contain ingredients that may dry out the natural oils in your piano’s keys. It is recommended that always use those cleaning solutions that are specially made for piano. Before purchasing any cleaner, check the details mentioned on it, or consult a dealer or piano technician as they can guide you better or they may recommend you cleaners from better brands. Use a damp cloth and a little amount of cleaner to wipe the keys gently. Use two different clothes for black and white keys as the dye of black keys may affect the white keys if same cloth is used. Nowadays manufactures use special plastic for Piano keys, so it is recommended to use a damp cloth to clean plastic keys.

Cleaning the Piano’s Cabinet:

Cabinet is the body of your piano and it is made with different kinds of grains, wood, and finishes. Hence, you should take care of the cabinet properly to maintain your piano in a good physical condition. You can use a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust from it. Also there are some special products made for this purpose, take recommendation from your dealer for this purpose.

Cleaning the sound board:

Sound board is the most difficult and sensitive part of the piano to clean and requires greater care. You need to be very careful while cleaning it. Debris and dust is drawn to this part normally.  Don’t touch any string or any other thing in the soundboard; simply position your vacuum to remove debris from the vacuum hose.  If the debris has lodged tightly in the soundboard, don’t ever use a sharp thing to get it out. If your problem is still unsolved and you cannot get it out, contact your technician for help.

Ideal Temperature and Humidity:

Always house your piano in a cool place and try to prevent it from direct sunlight as it can affect the body of piano. Humidity plays an important role in the performance of the piano. High Humidity causes tuning pins and strings to rust, and keys to stick. Low Humidity causes the soundboards to crack, affects the piano’s keys sound, and causes the piano’s keys to loosen. 33-55% is the ideal humidity range for piano.

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Uberant offers commission on advertising revenue for articles you publish as well as commission for your referrals. Affiliate links are placed across your profile and within pages you create, so you are guaranteed to get paid. Cash your articles at Überant.

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Cat Training and Care Guide

While conducting your cat training you should always keep in mind that the punishment is not meant to harm your cat so you should take care not to be too aggressive.  When he’s able to sit down on command, you can phase the clicker out – but still give treats sporadically (interestingly, if you treat every single time that he performs a command, he’s actually less likely to reliably obey that command.  Consequently, relatively few people are aware of their cat’s abilities in this area.  Cats are extremely popular pets for a very good reason, because they are smart, loving, and satisfied living indoors.  Physical punishment may make him fear you, but it is unlikely to establish the behavior you want.  This technique will reinforce the cats training and she will like the attention and the treats she gets.  Cats value and look forward to attention and affection that can be gained from training.  

Remain consistent with the cats training and soon you will find your cat using the litter box on her own.  The reason being is that the effect of immediate punishment would be greater than if the punishment is conducted at a later time.  For the trainer, there are varieties of modes to punish a cat which can be in the form of words, actions or it can be physical punishment as well.  One cat training technique that doesn’t work is brute force.  This will allow the cat training to ideally strengthen the bond between pet and owner during training sessions from the outset of ownership.  So, blink your eyes frequently when you look at your cat.  Pain can make any one aggressive, so it’s important to consult a vet and rule out any kind of medical issue.Don’t react to your cat in an aggressive or even defensive way. The benefits of training your cat Just because cats typically lead solitary, individual lives doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to do so.  

An example of successful cat training in action: Training your cat to ‘sit’ on command ‘Sit’ is a great basic command for your cat to know, because it serves as the foundation for a number of other, more advanced tricks and commands (for example, ‘stay’, ‘beg’, and ‘high five’.)Make your training wand extra-effective by smearing the tip in a little tuna oil, and use it to attract your cat’s attention (wave it around, trail it past his face, etc.)Once he’s come over to you, place the wand just over his head, so that it’s slightly behind the crown of his head.He will tilt his head back to keep his eyes on it.  In fact, many cats are incredibly affectionate and loving by nature – they just need you to demonstrate your leadership and initiate the rapport-building process.  Call to your cat, then when it comes to you give some good praise and affection, using a proper praising tone of voice.  Make sure that you and the other members of the family always use your cat’s name.  Directly after the click, the cat is fed a small and tasty treat.  Basically there are different types of cats training like obedience training; litter training and even aggression training and all of them have different approaches.  

This makes many people wonder about cats aggression training and how to go about it.  Why, because many feline behavior problems, especially in cats kept indoors, are caused by boredom.  When he does this, he will naturally sit down (since otherwise, his neck can’t bend back far enough to allow him to keep watching the training wand.)As he sits down, say the word ‘Sit’, which will be the verbal cue for this command (your cat will grow to associate the command with the act of sitting, and eventually will learn to sit down whenever you ask him to.)As soon as his bottom touches the ground, click the clicker.  Cat aggression training It has often been seen that cats take more time to adjust to a new home as compared to dogs.  Get Cat Training and Care Guide

Get Cat Training and Care Guide

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