Information About Cat Breeds You May Want to Know

If you’re thinking of buying a cat or a kitten, you’ll want to learn about some of the more popular cat breeds, to help you make an informed decision on what type to adopt.

What kind of a cat are you drawn to? The simple, elegant sculpted face of a Siamese, or the lovely long fur of the Persian, perhaps? There are many breeds to choose from, and quite a few half-breeds now as well.

Each of the cat breeds has its own pluses and minuses. For example, the Ragdoll and Himalayan cats have elegant fur, but they require more grooming. And the Siamese and Persian are regal in their carriage, but Siamese cats are often quite vocal, which will be problematic if you have a young child trying to nap.

Some of the breeds you might consider include Abyssinian cats, which look a great deal like a Siamese, except in coloring; exotic Shorthairs, which have the look of royalty with less fur; Maine Coon cats, with their trade-mark stubby or missing tail; Bengals, which are actually a hybrid between a Bengal cat and a domestic cat. Bengal cats need to be handled a lot as kittens and as cats, or some revert to their feral nature.

The Burmese might be the cat for you if you’re looking for a smart and active cat. They usually get along well with children, and they will even give dogs a chance.

Another of the family-friendly cat breeds is the Turkish Angora. This breed sounds like it would need a groomer on-call, but actually, you can satisfy this cat’s coat needs with a daily once-through. These cats are very playful and gentle, and they make great house pets.

The American Shorthair is the descendant of the first cats brought to America with the Puritans. They are excellent rodent hunters, and they’re usually very active and curious. They are lovable and easy-going, and can adjust to other cats, dogs and children.

The Ocicat is one of the human-made cat breeds, which has Siamese and Abyssinian breeds in its background. It’s considered a shorthair, and is very active and affectionate, although it looks a little on the wild side. She may greet visitors, and she is devoted and loyal to her owners.

The Devon Rex cat has a short, fine and soft coat, and large wide-set eyes. Their coat is curly, but short enough that you can groom without a brush, using a soft mitt instead. These cats have their history in England, but they have been bred to American shorthairs to propagate the breed here in the United States.

Whatever cat breeds you check into, try your best to select a cat that will fit in with your family and your routine. A lot of bad matches can be averted if you do your research first.

To learn about cat not eating and cat hair loss, visit the About Animals website.

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Information of Cat Pet Training

Cat Pet Training


Many people think that it is impossible to train cat. However, it is possible in fact. There are some basic tips to fix the madness safely and easily.


Cat obedience is very important. To have less stress in your life with a kitty that doesn’t meow constantly, jump on the counters, scratch up all your furniture, or use the carpet instead of their litter box, cat pet training is a must!


Training your cat

Some great benefits when training your cat.

Well, it will actually make you two closer, and understand each other better. Your kitty will want to please you and make you happy. It may be only because they want treats instead of being scolded, but either way, you both win.


If it is behavior problems that you are dealing with, training your cat to fix these problems now will be the best thing for you and your little furry friend. In less you like your furniture scratched up, bite marks and scratches on your arms, meowing constantly or marking their territory on the carpet, then that’s fine with me 😉


Maybe it’s cat tricks you are interested in, so you can show them off to friends and family. Training your cat to do tricks can actually be really fun and a great bonding experience. Felines can learn almost anything dogs can, but my most favorite is when kitties actually learn how to use the toilet instead of a litter box. Now that is absolutely amazing! I would love that!


Cat Training Tips

Here is a list of cat training tips that WILL help…


Tip #1

-Treats! Always use treats when your little friend does something good. You absolutely have to have treats when teaching tricks or your kitty will never be interested. They think they are just way to cool for that.


Tip #2

-Patience. Just like with any animal, you must be very patient when training your cat.

Tip #3

-Practice makes perfect! To not overwhelm, try sticking with just 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a day. Felines can be easily side tracked and even if you try to train them for longer, it wont work. Trust me 🙂


Tip #4

-Persistence. Try training your cat as often as possible. If you can I would try to do it every day. The more you practice they gets, the faster they will learn.

Tip #5

-Spray bottle. This technique works great for me. I have taught my fur balls to not jump on the kitchen table, climb the curtains, or scratch my couches by catching them in the act and spraying them with my spray bottle. Remember to have the bottle on the straight stream and only spray them when you catch them in the act, or they will not know what then did wrong.


Tip #6

Make sure to always have toys for your kitty to play with and something to scratch on. A scratch post will always work but i personally think that they like cat trees so they can be up tall. Remember to show them what it is for and they will be less likely to use your furniture.


Cat Training Book

Complete Cat Training: Powerful Secrets to Transform Your Cats Behavior


I have just recently purchased this book and let me tell you, this was money well spent. Complete Cat Training covers everything you would ever need to know about cat pet training and more. It goes into detail on how to fix any problem you could be having, the reasons why these things are happening, and how to stop them fast! This Complete Cat Training book is easy to follow, understand, and gives solutions that work! It even explains that maybe YOU could be the problem and not even know about it.


This cat training book covers everything that you will ever need to know, such as….

-Fixing behavioral problems
-Tricks, basic and tricky
-Understanding your feline
-Target and clicker training
-Trick training tools and environment
-Leash training
-Toilet training
-Picking a pet, breads, and bringing a kitty home
-Indoor and outdoor toilet training
-And last of all… Health


Complete Cat Training book has a list of all the common behavioral problems that kitties just love to do. I have only had this book for about a week and I have already stopped my fur balls from jumping on the kitchen counter, peeing on the carpet and charging at the door. They are not perfect at the whole charging at the door thing but they are extremely better at staying and only leaving when I say it is okay. You must keep a sharp eyes on them though because they are sneaky sneaky.


Next, the tricks! There are 26 different tricks covered in the book. They are split into basic tricks and tricky tricks. There are pictures to look at if you get confused and it also gives you a list of tools to use to make cat pet training a heck of alot easier.


But that is not all! Yes there is more if you can believe it. There also is a section on toilet training so you can finally throw out that nasty litter box. Then there is the leash training section. I think this section is perfect for people who have an indoor pet. To take them for walks outside is completely different but would be a pretty interesting adventure to share.


Bonus Books! This was actually one of my favorite parts of buying this book. The first book was The Essential Cat Recipe book that comes with 100 different recipes for your best friend. The next book is The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Cat. It is a 48 page book giving you different things you can do to pamper them and make you two closer.


Overall, Complete Cat Training Book has worked wonders for me. There is a 2 month money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. I have definitely learned how to understand my kitties better, and to stop them from tearing up my house. FINALLY!


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